What is Research? Definition and Purpose

What is Research

Research is the application of existing knowledge in a creative way to develop new concepts, understandings and methodologies. It starts with asking questions and then choosing appropriate method for further investigation of problems. Research is a detailed study which is carried out to find more information about unanswered questions. It is carried out in a systematic way to increase the stock of knowledge. It is also being defined as an original investigation to describe and explain the observed phenomenon.

Research is an analytical study of data to create path for generating new questions. It is an experiment conducted for discovering new facts and revision of existing theories.

Research is defined as expansion of past work in the particular field. Three main rules to be followed for conducting research:

1. Discovery of problem/question

2. Interpretation

3. Addition to the existing knowledge.

Intellectual ability is required for conducting the Research. If you cannot think of a problem, then you cannot do the Research.

A research is conducted by following these main steps:

1. Formation of hypothesis

2. Collection of data

3. Analysis of result

4. Formation of conclusion

5. Implementation of findings

The Researcher always follows sequential procedures that are based on rational principles to ensure that research findings are valid.

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