What is the Advantage of B.A, B.Ed or B.Sc, B.Ed after 10+2

Keeping in mind, time constraint and lack of availability of knowledgeable teachers, who are keen for teaching profile only. If we see our surroundings, teaching profession is the most Complicated, tedious but respectable profession.  But irony is that people make this profession as the last resort, especially female candidates.

Candidate who want to become Doctor, need to plan after 12th; those who want to become Engineer, Lawyer etc. the path starts after 12th then why not for teaching profession?

Similarly, those who want to join teaching profession they need to plan after 12th. Hence B.A + B.ED /B.SC+B.ED courses has been launched . These are Integrated Programs which will help students to save their one year. Add on to this, we will get qualitative & knowledgeable teachers who are passionate for this profession. Teaching profession should be by choice not by forceful conditions.


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